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Havent updated this in awhile. We are still currently rolling fenders in North San Diego County. If you guys have any questions or info on appointment information please contact me personally at 760 505 7611.





Enjoy this edit of a buddys FRS we did fender work on. Film/Edit by Bryan Timm


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10 Speed Livin’

Though this is different than our normal car posts, it fits in with our lifestyle. With about an hour of light left in the day, we headed down to the beach to shoot, so here is the outcome: a video edit and a photo of our shoot.


All of you static guys should be familiar with rubbing, so after David dropped his coils to the last thread and removed the rear perches, his axle was eating up his front sway pretty bad.  Without time to drop the subframe, we grabbed the grinder and went to work.  Here are some shots of the work:

…More Cutting

WFC: Photo Coverage

This time around we focused mainly on shooting video, so here are some photos we snapped as we made our way through the meet.

[Fully] Under A Semi-Truck

Well the other day we went out for a shoot with the crew, and while filming, we noticed a semi parked on the side of the road. Obviously we were gonna see if Phil’s slammed miata would fit. It did. By about a 1/2 inch. This is a win in our book. Here’s some of the shots:

Not a miata, but an equally amazing rx8!


Its been almost a year now since this whole fitment business has began. We are proud to say we have worked on nearly one-hundred cars providing the necessary rolls, pulls, and wheel fitments to fancy our meatier tire setups, wider wheels, or just ridiculously awesome fitments.

We are grateful to have worked on some of the nicest cars in the Southwest. I know personally, this hobby and business of ours has led to friendships that will continue on for many years. From long nights in the garage, to huge car shows in Southern California, the experiences we have gained are something you don’t get from reading DIY’s and build threads on forums, these are real life problem solving scenarios. Im glad to have gotten into a service where I can provide to car enthusiasts and know that it actually makes a difference. Stay tuned for our plans in the future and Thank You.

-Austin at Simple Fitment.