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Top Down Thursday

              When most people think of think of doing a photo-shoot, they have different variables in mind; Backdrop, Location, Lighting, and a General Idea.  Unfortunately, Austin and I lacked all of these as we headed out to shoot his s2000.  We had one idea in mind; An abandoned building in Business Park that’s filled with modern art, a valley backdrop, and no one around to f*** up our shot.  However, the location was recently chained off so no one could get in.  With our only location in mind now blocked off, we were left brainstorming ideas of what to do.

            Most of you know San Diego has perfect weather year-round, but today was like no other. We drove around all day top down enjoying the perfect 75 degree temperatures when our idea finally hit us, “Lets drive to the beach.”

Morale of the story: Sometimes boredom and no plans work out for the better, and it definitely creates some damn fun times.